Kwikwap / Kwikweb is a South African born company that was started in 2005 by three entrepreneurs (two software whizzkids and a creative chartered accountant). Initially the company specialized in mobile business applications. In 2006 Kwikwap started developing an online and mobile tool for schools and organizations to manage their websites. Pretty soon we saw the need for a normal PC version of the software.

Kwikwap has grown leaps and bounds and as at December 2015 Kwikwap has 12 permanent staff employed at head office in Cape Town, it has 15 franchisees and loads of resellers (consultants and sales agents) all over South Africa. We also have representatives in Australia, Namibia and Botswana.

Our focus has always been that the system must be easy (all the while being very powerful). Kwikwap believes in being fair to their resellers and clients. We are more interested in having happy users than making money.

Our system consists of modules that have all been developed by ourselves. This ensures 100% compatibility and no risk of viruses. Our modular system (and generous nature) enables us to give you a very affordable fixed priced website.

The Kwikwap distribution and support model will ensure that users always have at least three dedicated persons who can assist them.

Kwikwap builds many websites every day and that is what we do. We do not try and sell ADSL, bandwith or other things that are not part of our core business (which is simply just this, websites).